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Field Assistant
Start Date:
• Position will be from September 12 – October 31st, 2018 (With the possibility of extending into November)
Length of Employment:
Seasonal Full-time
Required Skills:
•Good understanding of the Agriculture sector
•Ability to problem-solve on the go
•Strong Communication Skills
•Strong Math Skills
•Flexibility and willingness to Travel
•Good skills for manual work, (digging potatoes by rake, and caring buckets over 40 lbs)
•Good understanding of Excel
•Ability to work long hours (early morning and late evenings if required)
•Must have a valid Passport
Job Experience:
Experience would be an asset
Work Schedule:
Some overtime, Week-ends, Evenings, Weekdays
Job Description:
As a Field Assistant, you will be responsible for the following duties:
•Digging Potato Field test strips (10ft samples)
•Keeping track of results from field to field and farm to farm
•Creating and designing reports for each field in an excel files at the end of the digging period term
•Supporting the Sales Representative in any way to increase sales
$14.00 per hour. Over time will be paid at time and half after 40 hours a week
•Hotels and all meals on the road will be paid by Sales Representative
To Apply:
Premier Tech Agriculture 
Please send your resume to Jeremy Waugh at wauj@premiertech.com to apply for this position of Maritimes & Maine USA Field Assistant.