Open Farm Day is an annual event that sees over 20 farms open their doors to the public, providing fun and interactive ways to learn about life on a farm. This website will provide more information on the participating farms, planned activities and their locations.

Open Farm Day - Sunday September 16, 2018
Your chance to visit 28 farms across PEI, meet the farmers and learn about how your food is produced!
2018 Farms are now posted - check out this PDF of the farms!  www.peiagsc.ca/farmday/img/2018 Farms - with description Final(1).pdf

About Us


  1. To raise public awareness of the significant contribution that the agriculture sector makes to the provincial economy and to rural communities.
  2. To foster fair and informed dialogue within and outside the sector regarding issues and concerns in agriculture.
  3. To raise awareness of the PEI Agriculture Sector Council and the Agriculture Awareness Committee as a vehicle for industry partners and government to develop and use resources to foster agriculture awareness in the province.
  4. To develop partnerships with industry to generate increased and sustained funding for agriculture awareness



  • Provide strategic agriculture awareness direction to the PEIASC To develop and implement events and resources promoting increased agriculture awareness, based on board approval
  • To provide monthly written reports to PEIASC board members
  • To provide an annual budget to PEIASC for approval
  • Other specific outputs as required


Mission Statement
To enhance public awareness of the agriculture & agri-food industry, to coordinate agriculture awareness activities and to foster partnerships in the process.

Formed in 1992, this committee has brought together volunteers from industry, agri-food businesses and government to develop educational and promotional materials and deliver events that improve agriculture awareness in PEI. Some of our proudest achievements include:

  • PEI Open Farm Day: An annual event that sees over 20 farms open their doors to the public, providing fun and interactive ways to learn about life on a farm
  • Agriculture and Forestry Fun Day: An annual event that brings over 500 island students together with indurstry to learn about forrestry, farming and nature

In January 2013, the committee joined the PEI Agriculture Sector council as a sub-committee in an effort to pool resources and build on each others strengths. Under this new structure, the committee looks forward to new opportunities to improve agriculture awareness and promote agriculture as a strong, innovative and exciting industry to be a apart of.


PEI Agriculture Awareness Committee
Wayne Riley
Agriculture in the Classroom-Gen Ag
Marilyn Balderston
Rayanne Frizzell
Atlantic Veterinary College
Croplife Atlantic
Maryella Maynard
Fertilizer Canada
Bernadette Forrester (Chair)
Member at large
Marg Weeks
Member at large
Samantha Finlayson
P.E.I Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture
Ted Johnston (Elementary Math and Innovation Leader) 
PEI 4 – H
PEI Culinary Alliance
PEI Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry
Carolyn Wood (Secretary)
PEI Exhibitions
Morgan Ings
PEI Federation of Agriculture
JoAnn Pineau
PEI French Language School Board
Diana Tutty
Helen Dawson
PEI Young Farmers
Morgan Smallman
PEIAGSC Women in Agriculture
Laurie Loane
Grace Terborg