Abelaine Farms

Hosts: Abe, Elaine, Jordan and Kaylin Buttimer
Community: New Glasgow
Farm Type: Dairy
Farm Hours: 11:00am - 3:00pm
Description: At Abelaine Farms we are a small Holstein dairy farm. We milk about 36 cows and grow about 600-700 acres of cereal grains. Some of this grain is sold to other Island farmers as seed in the spring. In 2003 we built a new dairy barn with a lot of natural lighting, natural ventilation and a gravity flow manure system. On the land we fall plough very little, use grass water ways, grass headlands and mulch till as much as possible. We have our own full line of planting and harvesting equipment which will be on display. Our milk all goes to ADL and can be bought anywhere on the Island and around the Maritimes. The next generation is now a big part of the workforce at Abelaine Farms. Washroom and hand washing facilities available.
Directions: 309 Prince Edward Island 258
Phone: (902) 628-5165