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Forklift Operator & Box Inventory Support
Orwell Cove
Start Date:
As soon as possible
Permanent fulltime
Required Skills:
Education and Qualifications:
1. 2+ years forklift operation experience required
2. Forklift maintenance experience an asset

Key Skills/Competencies:
1. Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
2. Detail-oriented
3. Good memory and direction-following ability
4. Experience working in a production environment
5. Ability to work well in a fast-paced environment
6. Reliable
7. Punctual
8. Team player with good interpersonal skills
9. Effective time management skills
10. Proven ability to work independently or as part of a team
11. Ability to communicate clearly with fellow employees, suppliers, visitors etc, and as a representative of the company, treat them with respect and courtesy
12. Willingness to work in a variety of conditions (wet, cold, humid)
13. Willingness to work extended hours when required
Job Experience:
1 - 3 years
Job Description:
This person will support the Production Manager by ensuring pallet boxes are retrieved from storage, staged and fed into production line in a timely and efficient manner and boxes with downgraded potatoes are removed from the packing area soon after filling and properly tagged and stored.

Major Tasks/Responsibilities:
1. Ensure effective, accurate and timely delivery of boxes to production line
2. Ensure empty boxes are promptly and neatly stored in approved areas
3. Ensure all boxes with potatoes are properly tagged and returned to storage areas promptly
4. Coordinate storage areas with Production Manager and other operators to ensure storage areas are maintained in a professional, orderly fashion, boxes are stored in appropriate areas, etc
5. Foster effective and positive communication and relationships with all employees, promoting teamwork and reinforcing the importance of professional box management operations to optimize potato use and value and minimize waste, delays, lost product, etc
6. Give input in the development of Monthly Box Management plans
7. Utilize box management software to properly tag, store, move and track, find, etc boxes
8. Be aware of equipment (forklifts, dumpers, etc) and note any items that require attention or repairs
9. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement to enhance or increase equipment thru put or operation efficiency
10. Prepare a weekly report including work completed, challenges
(including storage space constraints, potato condition, etc)
11. Keep all work areas tidy and professional
$15.00-$20.00 per hour for 50 hours per week
To Apply:
G.W.R. Visser Farms 
Patty Robertson 

Phone: 902-651-2371
Email: jobs@peispuds.ca