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Logistics and Packaging Manager
Start Date:
May 13, 2019
Permanent fulltime
Required Skills:
• 4+ years Management Experience is required
• Experience in a Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical or Bio Science sectors is considered a strong asset
• Excellent communication skills with a well-developed professional manner and a focus on positive, productive business relationships
• A criminal records check will be required to be completed by applicant and successful candidate will be required to submit a security clearance application

Qualifying individuals must be capable of working in a fast-paced environment. We are in a rapidly evolving industry and we are growing quickly, therefore this team member must be flexible with helping in other areas as needed. The ability to learn quickly and react to change is viewed as a very strong asset.
Job Experience:
Over 3 years
Work Schedule:
Shift work
Job Description:
Working closely with the Processing Manager the Logistics and Packaging Manager will be responsible in managing the process to get raw materials sorted, packed and ready for shipment. This process includes accurately weighing, labeling, packaging, sampling and inspecting FIGR products in accordance with the Standard Operational Procedures.

Regular Duties:
• Overview of bulk and final product packaging for all FIGR products
• Manage a team of 20+ staff; including scheduling, managing day-to-day activities, performance management, etc.
• Manage and coordinate activities related to verifying and keeping records of incoming and outgoing shipments and preparing items for shipment
• Oversees incoming and outgoing shipping activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of product packaging and shipment
• Develop, implement and assist in approving standardized practices for order processing and fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping and receiving
• Work in correlation with the Quality Assurance team in assuring the facility remains compliant with frequently changing industry regulations and internal procedures
• Complete all required documentation using good documentation practices
• Ensure the post harvesting areas and adjacent plant are maintained in a clean, organized and safe manner
• **Other duties as required
To be negotiated
Salary and Benefits Wage: To be Negotiated Hours: Full Time Permanent Position The successful candidate will be entitled to join our shared medical benefit plan, as well as a set number of vacation and sick days annually. More information on the medical benefits plan can be provided during the interview process.
To Apply:
Becky MacKenzie 

Phone: 902-370-5500 (0)
Email: jobs@figr.com