Tasty Taters

PEI Tasty Taters
Classroom Competition!

Welcome to the PEI Spuds in Tubs Classroom Competition. In this competition your school classrooms will compete against each other for the highest yield and biggest spud to win the title!

Tasty Taters Competition!!!

In this competition, you will be competing against your schoolmates for the title. The winning class will be determined by the total yield weight. All you need to do to win is to plant your potatoes and nurture them like our farmers do!

Competition Details:
  1. Your class will be involved with 3-5 other classes in your school in this competition.
  2. All instructions for this competition are provided in this presentation
  3. You will be provided with contact information for a local farmer that you will be able to contact to visit your classroom throughout the competition.
  4. At the end of this competition, all competing classes will have a potato harvest where you get to eat the potatoes you have grown.

Only 2 schools can compete in this exciting competition - with a minimum of 8 classes per school. **

Each school must commit to have an Ag Amplifier/Ambassador who will monitor the classes taking part in their school to ensure things are happily growing along!!

If your school wants to be one of the 2 schools in the upcoming Tasty Taters Competition, please call Robin at 902-892-1091 or via email at info@peiagsc.ca

** Elm Street Elementary and Montague Consolidated are not eligible this time as they competed in the Pilot of this project.

The Tasty Taters project is a partnership between AITC-PEI and the PEI Potato Board.