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Agricultural Water Quality Research Technician
Start Date:
As soon as possible
Permanent fulltime
Required Skills:
Knowledge of nutrient cycling and water cycling in agricultural landscapes.

Knowledge of laboratory methods for analyses of basic soil, plant tissue and water quality parameters.

Knowledge of laboratory equipment and field monitoring devices related to water and soil research.

• Interactive Communication.
• Adaptability.
• Initiative.
• Teamwork.

Ability to compile and analyze data and summarize results.

Ability to keep and maintain accurate, detailed and well organized records.
• Valid driver's license.
• Ability and willingness to work overtime.
• Ability and willingness to travel and work in remote areas.
• Ability and willingness to work with soils, manures, pesticides and other agrochemicals in the laboratory and field settings.
• Ability and willingness to work in variable weather and outdoor conditions (e.g. freezing, wet, bugs, and sloping terrains) continuously for over five hours.
• Ability and willingness to work in shallow water for sampling or monitoring.
• Ability and willingness to work on or around farm machinery.
• Ability and willingness to lift materials up to 15 kg.
• Ability and willingness to do repetitive tasks.
Job Description:
The successful candidate will participate in a research team studying water and soil in the context of agricultural landscapes. The incumbent will plan, coordinate, and conduct field and laboratory work to collect data for research projects; assess diversified Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) and their impacts on water quality (particularly nutrient leaching), crop productivity and soil health at various scales; investigate the transport and delivery of nutrient and other agricultural chemicals from agricultural fields to receiving waters. He/she will interact with researchers, technicians and students from various AAFC research and development centres, and universities and extension personnel from provincial governments, industry and NGOs. The position will be based at the AAFC Charlottetown Research and Development Centre. The specific duties include the following:

• Routine sample preparation and analyses of water, soil and plant tissue samples, sourcing supplies and equipment, maintaining equipment, and developing analysis methods;
• Installing and maintaining field monitoring systems, including but not limited to, surface water gauging and sampling stations (including ISCO samplers), tile-drain monitoring stations, lysimeters, groundwater piezometers, pressure transducers, weather stations and soil temperature and moisture stations;
• Organizing data and sample collection (soil, water and plant tissue) for research projects and field experiments;
• Compiling, organizing and maintaining laboratory analysis results, field monitoring and project related databases, conducting basic statistical analysis, GIS analysis and mapping of the data and assisting in preparation of scientific reports and manuscripts;
$59,842 to $72,804
To Apply:
Agri-Food Canada